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ROZZ WILLIAMS (born Roger Alan Painter; November 6, 1963 – April 1, 1998) was a singer/songwriter, musician, painter, filmmaker, collage/assemblage artist and poet. He is widely regarded for his work with the bands Christian Death, Shadow Project and Premature Ejaculation. Christian Death is frequently hailed as one of the creators of the goth/deathrock scene. Williams also formed the bands Daucus Karota and Heltir, and played bass for the band EXP. In addition, he released two spoken word albums, Every King a Bastard Son and The Whorse’s Mouth (which he co-wrote with Ryan Wildstar).

Before he died of suicide on April 1st, 1998, Rozz Williams bequeathed his writing to his friend and roommate Ryan Wildstar to publish in the event of his death. This publication of And What About the Bells? marks the 25th anniversary of Rozz Williams’s untimely passing.


RYAN WILDSTAR has spent his life as a poet, author, editor, singer/songwriter, visual artist, playwright, actor, theater director, translator, educator, tour guide and Sommelier. He currently resides in Europe with his husband, Ryan Elston, where the two of them co-author, edit and publish The Epicurean Vagabonds, their weekly publication and podcast on


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